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Offroad Recovery Gear Group Buy

10 June 2014 - 01:45 PM

Ok guys, I know this is short notice, but I have been tasked with putting together a group buy for offroad recovery gear. So far (from the Raptor owners) I have at least one of each of the list below sold and several of some of the items and I am working with my main recovery gear supplier to provide the best discounts possible. That being said, my supplier owns 4wheelparts.com and for that reason, it is their website we are using as a reference for part numbers, listings and cost. So here is the deal, if you have had something in mind for offroad recovery and are ready to buy if the price is right, let me know ASAP by posting a comment in this thread about what you are interested in. Because of the vast variety of brands and items, the discounts will depend largely on the total volume of orders placed in a single day (right now we are looking at doing that on either Thursday or Friday of this week).  I am putting this here because I know how y'all are about your offroading.  That being said, if there is something else associated with offroad gear that may not be recovery specific, for example, Rigid, Vision X or other offroad lighting, tires, shocks or whatever the case, go ahead and let me know in this thread. This may be a one time deal and I am trying to throw as much at it as possible to get the pricing down as far as possible on everything.  AND GO


The current recovery gear list consists of:


Hi-Lift 60" Extreme Part Number H/LXT-605
Hi-Lift First Responder Jack Found here http://firstresponde....com/index.html
Viair 450PA Auto Portable Air Kit Part Number V/A45043
Viair 2On2 380C System Part Number V/A30018
Warn Medium Duty Winching Accessory Kit Part Number WAR88900
Warn Neoprene Winch Cover WAR91415
Pro Comp Part Number 220000 2"x20ft recovery rope
Pro Comp Tree Saver Tree Trunk Protector Part Number EXP306000
Smittybilt 3/4 shackle part number S/B13047B
smittybilt 7/8 shackle part number S/B13048B
Smittybilt 3 inch, 30 Foot Tow Strap Part Number S/BCC330
Extreme Bubba Recovery Rope Part Number BUB176750BKG
Bubba Rope Recovery Rope Part Number BUB176680RDG
Hilift Jack Handle Isolator Part Number DAYKU71071BK
Hi Lift Lift-Mate Wheel Lift Part Number H/LLM-100
Smittybilt Tire Repair Kit Part Number S/B2733
2.5 lb. HalGuard Red Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher Part Number H3RHG250R
2.5 lb. HalGuard Black Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher Part Number H3RHG250B
4 Toyo Open Country AT II's 35x12.50R17
You can search www.4wheelparts.com to check listings and current pricing of everything listed. 

First EVER 25% OFF Sale On ALL R1Concepts Brake Parts!

14 May 2014 - 07:42 AM

In celebration of our one year anniversary, we have worked out the first EVER 25% discount on all performance brake upgrades from R1 Concepts Performance Brake Parts!!! This will be a two day ONLY event coming up Monday May 19th and Tuesday May 20th and is exclusive to Freedom Motorsports. R1Concepts has NEVER offered a 25% discount before, they probably never will again and it is a Freedom Motorsports exclusive event to celebrate completing our first year in business! SO, if you need new performance brake upgrades, there has never been nor will there ever be a better time to bite the bullet and get in on the savings! Even if you may not need them right this minute, this sale warrants going ahead and getting your order in now to take advantage of these savings! 
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