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In Topic: Guess the Next Poster Game

09 November 2012 - 06:56 PM

That is all there is to it? And I just made you a winner?


In Topic: Guess the Next Poster Game

09 November 2012 - 06:35 PM

Funny how I find myself looking in on this now. i don't know the rules, how to play...or why I am even here? Somehow I get the idea that DonYukon did not win this time?


In Topic: Quick Disconnect Sway Bars

09 November 2012 - 01:43 PM

I had some very simple quick disconnects on my last truck. Pull a quick pin, unscrew a wing nut and then rotate the bar forward where it held in place by the front recover hooks. Worked great.

Front sway bar disco mod photos

Persson's Offroad Systems makes a system that works very similar to what we did.
Posted Image

Here is a good example of the articulation that you can get:

Posted Image

Not an option for this truck. The sway bar rides between the upper a-arm and the steering tie-rod. Even if you disconnect the link, you have no way to stow the bar.

During all the planning for the above disconnect, several other options were discussed. The 2005 Dodge Electronic sway bar disconnect is pretty cool. we came to the same conclusion that it was far too expensive to be useful for most.
An aftermarket company made one for the center of the bar on a Jeep. The front steering shield would make that very inconvenient for us. That said a center disconnect is likely to be the only choice, other than removal of the bar. That is not an option in my opinion.

Here is my idea from our thread March 2006:

...Cut the bar in half. Two keys much like the torsion bar "porkchops" are cut. One fits tightly over the bar and has a hole in the other end. This is slipped over one bar and back a couple inches to be welded in place. The next key slips over a piece of pipe twice the length that the first key is from the end of the opposing bar and is welded to one end of the pipe. This pipe is slipped over the bar and the plates mate. A groove in the bar keeps the bars from separating and the pipe uses a set screw to keep the bars together while disconnected. The other end of the pipe is then welded to the bar. A grease zerk is tapped into the pipe for lubrication.
To understand how these will function, place your hands together palm to palm. hold your arms straight and parallel. Rotate you arms independently. This is what it would do unlatched. Lock your fingers and the bar rotates as one.
Now, this all needs to be easy to operate, so I want an electronic latch pin. A simple solenoid can be attached to one plate with a large diameter hardened pin. Throw power to it and the pin recedes unlocking the plates for the bar to disconnect. kill the power and it latches. The plates would be wide enough to prevent the latch pin from being engaged in the out position, and spring loaded so that it will automatically engage when the bar aligns.
You would have to anticipate the situation needing the bar disconnected since I doubt it would easily disconnect under load.

Pin size, plate and pipe thickness as well as key length can be adjusted for strength and clearances. It would have to be positioned and clocked in a position that has enough clearance.

In Topic: Random GMT800 Pics!

09 November 2012 - 11:45 AM

anyone know what kinda grille is in that black truck don posted? i've been thinking about doing the same kinda set up with the lights like that but it wouldn't work with a stock grille... this looks like it would work well and as a bonus those "rivits" look like they match the ones on my wheels

Do some research before you spend the $$
I suspect that the ebay grille you linked attaches to the stock grille as a cover. It does not replace the factory grille , as it does not have its own mounting points to the OEM framework.
The grille in the above picture appears to be custom? Or a complete grille replacement unit? Either way it is not just a zip-tied cover.
You could fab up a screen grille very inexpensively. Aluminum or stainless screen is not all that expensive.

In Topic: Guess the Next Poster Game

08 November 2012 - 03:54 PM

I did, but I'm not play'n...remember :)